The World has enough ordinary Hot Stone Massages

It is time to ROCK your treatments with Remedial Hot Stone massage

Hi -I’m Christine, I help remedial therapists  save their bodies, save their time, save their energy and get paid well for ROCKING@massage!

How do I do that?

I teach Remedial Massage therapists how to use Hot Stone Massage in a remedial way.

Which means you CAN deliver great results without compromising your body simply by using the power of hot and cold stones – the CK Massage way.

Connect with your clients in a significant way and help them out of pain.

Sneak underneath the nervous system radar to deliver deep and powerful treatments to clients who are experiencing stress, pain and discomfort in their bodies in a way that feels so good they can’t wait to come back….

The old adages of less is more and work smarter not harder are all true when it comes to remedial hot stones the CK Massage way!

The incredible thing about rocking your treatments is that Clients are willing to pay you well for the incredible work you will deliver.

What is the CK Massage Way?

I Rock at massage and know YOU can too!

CK Massage Training helps you get the best from our courses.

Over my massage career I have become addicted to learning, why is this good for you ?Because I’ve taken a LOT of courses, workshop and online learning. I know what works for most massage therapists and how to give you the best learning experience and support.

I demonstrate techniques, explore theory and support your learning with our community and mentoring strategies.

My aim is to stop the public and therapists getting burnt by the hot stone massage industry – on all levels! I want to see therapists ROCK @ massage and thus raise the profile of professional massage amongst the allied health industry and the public domain giving our industry the recognition it deserves.

It is my belief that massage therapists are experts in touch skills and need to recognise and own the power of this.

It is my goal is to:

  • raise the professional standards of massage.
  • increase the recognition of massage as a ‘go to’ for people in pain.
  • share expertise and skills at the highest level.
  • create a community of therapists who are united together in the love of massage.

What CK Massage can offer you

Your Trainer – Christine Knox

love all things massage!

I firmly believe that by using Remedial Hot Stones in every treatment over the last ten years has resulted in allowing me to experience a few remarkable things!

Hot Stones have delivered:

  • The joy of helping thousands of people out of pain in a way that feels nurturing and empowering.
  • Refuge from the physical wear and tear that remedial massage and a demanding massage practise can bring.
  • An elevation of touch skills to a level that I can feel through stone.
  • A teaching career that allows me to hang out with amazing massage therapists whilst they learn all my tried and tested techniques.

In addition I absolutely rock at life thanks to my hot stones!

What Our Course Participants Think

Comments from Facebook forum 2019

Shelle Dixon CKMassage do a 6 or 7 week online remedial Stone course and it’s fantastic!! I did it late last year and my business has doubled since.

Saul N Cathie Barnes I can highly recommend Christine Knoxfor her remedial hot stones courses  Affordable, knowledgeable and a friendly instructors who loves to share her work
If u ask for cheap your looking for cheap work and cut corners not so professional!!
However This course definitely is not under that banner