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Hot Stones

Hot Stones Sets

CK Massage believes in using the best products and equipment in our treatments.

The La stone 54 basalt stone set is recommended but not essential for our courses.

you will see this set in use in all the online training and in all the workshop.

It is what I use every single day.

I import these stone in from America – for a couple of reasons

  1.  Australian Basalt has a lower iron content. The higher the iron content the longer the heat retention. These stones are sourced in South America.
  2. these stones are sourced legally and ethically. No Child labour. No destruction of World heritage sites.
  3. because of the size of the set there is no need to purchase additional cold stones.

Certified Basalt Stone

Basalt Stone is excellent at retaining heat and then releasing it slowly into muscles as you use them for massage.  This is why we choose to use basalt stone (and we’ve certified our source). No other alternatives perform as well.

La Stone 54 piece Basalt Stone Set

Set Configuration:

  • 1 – LaStone Grandmother Stone
  • 1 – LaStone Grandfather Stone
  • 6 – LaStone Small Effleurage Stones
  • 6 – LaStone Medium Effleurage Stones
  • 6 – LaStone Large Effleurage Stones
  • 12 – LaStone Spinal Layout Stones
  • 4 – LaStone Sacral Placement Stones
  • 4 – LaStone Neck Worker Stones
  • 2 – LaStone Hand Stones
  • 1 – LaStone Pillow Stone
  • 1 – LaStone Third Eye Stone
  • 2 – LaStone Face Stones
  • 8 – LaStone Toe Stones
54 basalt stone set

Shaped in Nature. Hand sourced and Paired. Twice polished.

Due to the unique nature of many of the stones in this set, these unique stones many have what some may consider flaws or defects. All of the stones selected for this set are done so in such a manner that its usability will not be affected. So while there may be small imperfections on the stone, the portion of the stone that will come in contact with your client will meet the proper standards. If you have any questions please let us know.

Hot Stone Heaters

CK Massage Remedial Hot Stone Courses require a digital thermostat on your heater.

Heater size we recommend a large 18L heater for ease of use.

Hot Stone Heaters